Bleu Manoir Champions

Many thanks to all the wonderful Bleu Manoir owners who have greatly contribited to the promotion of the Greyhound breed by entering and succeeding in the difficult World of Show Competition ...
Ch. Biche *Lux*Int.
Ch. Goliath *Fr*P*NL*B*Lux*Int.*EW*WW*
Ch. Effigy *Int.
Ch. Eminence *Int
Ch. Heaven *Fr*NL*Lux*Int*
Ch. Infante *Fr*Lux*Int*JrEW*JrWW*WW
Ch. Imagine *Int
Ch. Indian Summer *Fr
Ch. Jatzy Go On *Fr*Int.
Ch. Johan *Fr.*Int.*
Ch. Jack *Dk. *
Ch. Joker *Dk*
Ch. Jamaïne*Dk. *
Ch. Lost Océane *Int.
Ch. Lutine *Int.*


Ch. Olaf *B*Lux*VDH*NL*Int.*
Ch. Only You *B*Lux*NL*Int.*
Ch. Oliver *Denmark*
Ch. Oriente *
*Fr.*Lux.* Int.*
Ch. Obligeante *Fr.*Int.*
Ch. Orle *Int.*
Ch. Rimbaud *B*Lux.*
Ch. R'Heaven's Knight *Int.
Ch. Remember My Queen *Int.*
Ch. Socrate *B*Lux.*
Ch. Sublime *B* Fr.* Lux & Int.*(after registration)


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